‘New! Self-Esteem Golf’ (2017)

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We’ve waited five years for the prize to go down, and finally, it has!

True-Flite golf  balls, guaranteed a hole in one every time you hit the  ball–now a mere $550.39 each!

New! Self-Esteem Golf

In fact, believe it or not, you can now actually throw the golf ball in the hole’s general direction and it’ll still go into the hole! Every time! And you will feel like the greatest golfer who ever lived.

Ideal for college students! Take out another student loan and buy a six-pack.


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  1. What I needed on my first full-time job was a self-esteem bowling ball. The job was with AMF and everyone who worked there had to belong to the bowling league. I started at a pretty low score and gradually got worse and worse. I was very happy to leave the company. I haven’t bowled since. And that was 59 years ago.

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