Who Says Cats & Dogs Can’t Get Along?

This won’t work in every household–but! Lonely dog, owner brings home a kitten, and in a very little while, the dog’s not lonely anymore at the kitten has a nice furry punching bag. It’s amazing what living with humans can do for animals.

Fun False Fact: Golden retrievers are the only dogs that hatch from eggs.

[Note: YouTube took down the video I had here originally, so I have had to replace it with something similar. It’s nice, enjoy it.]

8 comments on “Who Says Cats & Dogs Can’t Get Along?

  1. Instead of the video, I got a blank insert with the message “Video unavailable / This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated.”

    1. It was worth the wait. Such an adorable kitten, and he’s really enjoying his furry cushion — although there are moments when the dog seems to think he has a new cushion.

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