Oh, Boy! A Computerized Court System!

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Red China’s working on a project that’ll have Western leftids salivating with envy–a court system run by “Artificial Intelligence”… by machines instead of people (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11010077/Chinese-courts-allow-AI-make-rulings-charge-people-carry-punishments.html), the Daily Mail reports.

Computers will correct “perceived human error” (an acquittal, for instance), and judges will have to consult the machines “on every case.” The robots will have the power to sell off a defendant’s property, and an “AI prosecutor” will have the power to charge someone with a crime (if the police can’t think of one, offhand).

It’ll be great because computers are never wrong and never change their minds… because they don’t actually have minds.

Boy howdy, you’d better keep your Social Credit numbers up–or some algorithm somewhere will pack you off to a camp in Turkestan and donate your organs to a deserving Party member. Don’t get caught saying anything that the Party doesn’t want to hear!

This is the kind of technology Democrats will need when they have another try at setting up a Disinformation Governance Board. Why settle for any half-baked tyranny when you can go whole hog?

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  1. Shoot, we already have artificial intelligence all over the place. It is AI that has been programmed to believe it is superior to the mere human. It has even been programmed to pretend it has emotions- the kind that has been set to be super easy to be “hurt and offended” more than mere humans have even been.

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