Help Me Out With No Nooze!

To protect my sanity and yours, I try to steer clear of nooze on the weekend. I thought, “Maybe some nice dinosaurs, instead. Yeah, that’s the ticket–big dinosaurs!” What hath God wrought?

Well, the dinosaurs in this video are supposed to be among the biggest–but how could we know? There’s nothing here to give it scale! We need cars, buses, buildings. Is this brachiosaur bigger than a Lincoln Continental? What if we were to see it standing only just a little taller than someone’s boot? Either the dinosaur is about the size of a housecat, or the person wearing the boot is really, really big.

Nevertheless, even with all these conceptual difficulties, the dinosaurs are still more entertaining, and much more edifying, than highly-paid, high-prestige numbskulls who say they don’t know what a woman is.

I wonder if that kind of insane stupidity finished off the dinosaurs.

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