%#@$& Useless Flypaper!

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It’s summertime! And that means houseflies hatching out in multitudes and trying to come into our apartment.

We don’t know how they get in, but they always seem to wind up swarming in the space between the storm door and the screen door. So I thought that would be the ideal space to hang some flypaper ribbon. That’ll learn ’em.

Six days later, I’m still waiting for the freakin’ flypaper to catch a freakin’ fly. Has it been treated with fly repellent? How do they know not to land on it, brush up against it, or bump into it? Is it waiting to catch my wife’s hair as she goes in and out? Or my glasses? Anything but flies!

It’s times like this when you wish you had chameleons.

(What’s he catchin’ praying mantises for? Flies, you stupid lizard! Flies!)

3 comments on “%#@$& Useless Flypaper!

  1. No need to wish for chameleons, when I can send you a bunch of small house lizards (which chirp like birds) that are found in every dwelling on our island. Of course, they are not housebroken, so you will find their droppings in places you don’t want to find them, like on my desk (also keep your glasses of water covered).

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