Pro-Aborts See Babies as ‘Parasites’

I hate to break the Sabbath rest with trash like this; but there is great evil afoot in this lamentable period of history, and we have to know what we’re up against.

Even Snopes, self-anointed “fact checkers,” couldn’t quite pull the bad guys out of this muck. The best they could do was speculate that these gals might only be pretending to call babies “parasites,” just to make abortion fiends look bad.  The photo, first published in 2019, has not been altered, Snopes was forced to conclude. That must’ve hurt.

And dig the “My body, my choice” T-shirts. Where does “choice” go when Big Brother wants to shoot you up with an experimental something-or-other that they’re calling a “vaccine”? Oh, well! Freedom’s all right when everything is going good–but at the first sign of trouble… lockdown! And, heh-heh, mail-in voting.

It’s a vile, disgusting age we live in. May God Almighty fight for us.

7 comments on “Pro-Aborts See Babies as ‘Parasites’

  1. These poor girls have been force-fed the lie that a baby is a liability rather than an asset. When they grow old and have no loving offspring to help them with things they can no longer do, they’ll find themselves in the position of being viewed as parasites.

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