Do You Trust the Nooze Media?

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Wow! Here’s someone even more unpopular than SloJo Biden!

The nooze media!

According to the latest Gallup Poll, 11%–that’s right, we said 11 percent–have “confidence” in TV news–as opposed to a whopping 17% confidence in the nooze media in general (

As wretched as those numbers are, they still have Congress beat. Confidence in Congress came in at… 7 percent! (Was “the 7% solution” cocaine? How much of that stuff are they snorting up on Capitol Hill?)

Gallup says the nooze media have “a long way to go to win back the public’s confidence.” Ya think?

7 comments on “Do You Trust the Nooze Media?

  1. That’s assuming the nooze media have any interest in “gaining back” the public’s confidence, so long as they keep getting funding from their usual sources and keep their cushy jobs that don’t seem to go away despite the lack of public confidence. It’s a narcissistic profession all around.

    1. That’s the same way I feel about my own former profession as a college professor.

  2. That’s amazing, but people still tune in. There is a choice, and if we ignore unreliable news sources, they will eventually be unable to sell advertising.

    1. My point, exactly. People complain about schools, but keep sending their children there. People complain about lousy music on the radio, but keep listening and people complain about the mainstream media, but keep watching. When you do any of these three things, you are perpetuating the problem, because you are keeping them funded.

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