Another School Board Group Jumps Ship

Parents, pols slam FBI probe into CRT-related harassment in schools

Another school board association has severed its ties with the National School Boards Assn. in the wake of the NSBA calling on the FBI to “investigate” parents (!) as possible “domestic terrorists” (

The Pennsylvania SBA called the NSBA’s action “the final straw” and voted unanimously to end its membership in the larger group.

In plain English, Pennsylvania says the NSBA’s reaction–to parents who’ve been showing up at public school board meetings to object to the Far Left curricula imported into their schools, which they pay for–has poisoned relations between the boards and the communities they’re supposed to serve. Honk if you believe they serve you. The national association is making all the school board associations look bad.

Louisiana, Virginia, and now Pennsylvania–that’s three, probably with more to come.

Thing is, guys–what with your packing the school curriculum with Critical Race Theory, transgender propaganda, “down with America” bogus history… well, it’s impossible for us to believe you have ever had the communities’ interests at heart. Looks more like the only thing you ever cared about was stuffing your Far Left agenda down our children’s throats. The NSBA’s “Boo-hoo, we’re victims!” blarney really was the last straw for a lot of us.

I know I’ve been hitting this hard lately, at the risk of boring my readers; but we really do have to get out from under the public education establishment–which has proved, over and over again, to be hostile to the American people who fund their shabby schools.

All we do is pay and pay and pay, without any say in what gets taught or who teaches it–and that’s wrong.

‘Another Warning from History’ (2018)

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It’s too bad so few of us read history (or anything else) anymore. We might learn from the experience of others.

Another Warning from History

Our country’s founders read Thucydides. From his experience they knew that hysteria and naked lust for power made an exceedingly poor basis for public policy. Thucydides warned them, and they took it to heart.

Does anyone appreciate what almost happened to us in those Brett Kavanagh Supreme Court confirmation hearings? We almost tossed our entire legal doctrine out the window! Presumption of innocence, the requirement for evidence, and simple decency–Democrats were willing to chuck it all, as long as they could get their way.

Now these people are actually in power over us. They don’t like our country, they don’t like us, they don’t like our history, they don’t like our way of life, and if they were honestly elected by the American people, I’m the Sultan of Swat.

Yes, we could wreck our country. All it takes is hysteria and power-lust.


‘A Christian-Bashing Racist Textbook’ (2018)

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I hate this stuff. Here’s a picture of a nice lizard instead.

You’d be better off having your kids taught by lizards…

I wonder how many school districts wound up using this phony “textbook”–By the People: and don’t ask “What people?”

It’s the usual toxic waste–whites evil, conservatives Nazis, socialism good, blax can do no wrong, Christianity a hate group, yatta-yatta, the whole Democrat floor show.

A Christian-Bashing, Racist Textbook

Why do we permit this schiff in our schools? Are we really so hopelessly stupid as that?

And they aren’t even “our schools” anymore! We just pay for them. The costliest education system ever devised in all of recorded history.

Shame on us for allowing this.

Who’s Minding the Country?

Yesterday it was the “two Moms” Army recruiting ad ( Today it’s this horror from the CIA. It’s another recruiting ad.

Describing herself as “a cisgender millenial”–do you know anybody who would introduce herself as a cisgender millenial? Would you want to?–she rushes on to parrot every woke cliche in the book. She’s intersectional! She’s against “patriarchal” this and that! She’s “a walking declaration”! I think I agree that she is. And–

She’s been diagnosed with “generalized anxiety disorder”! Hip, hip, hooray. Where do we put the statue?

But then what does the CIA do anymore, but undermine Republican presidents and try to help China? You don’t need to be sane for that. In fact, it helps if you’re a bit loopy.

So who’s defending the country? “Two Moms.” And who’s in charge of its security? Ms. Cisgender Millenial who’s not quite all there. Come on down and join the other nuts who run the CIA!

I feel safer already.

Democrats in charge. Lucky us.


My Newswithviews Column, May 6 (‘Public Education As A Car: A Parable’)

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If public education were a car, would you buy it?

But that’s a silly question, because they force you to buy it whether you want it or not, whether you use it or not.

‘Public Education’ as a Car: A Parable  

We are getting a raw deal. Our country is “educating” itself to death. I don’t mean that as a figure of speech.

Look at our government. We Americans must be the biggest suckers ever to walk the earth.


How Did We Lose Our Schools?

How teachers unions affect school district spending, student achievement

Sometimes you get involved with everyday life and you don’t notice certain things that are going on around you–mostly because, at this point in time, they don’t affect you, personally. By the time you do notice them, all you can say is “What? How did that happen?”

Exiting the 1960s, communities owned the schools that served them. There were already a few rough spots, but not much to worry about.

But by the time we got out of the 1970s, we had a U.S. Dept. of Education, state departments of education, politically powerful teacher unions… and we didn’t own our schools. Presto! The people who pay for the whole business have lost their ownership rights! Now you see ’em, now you don’t.

I remember, in the 60s, a few times the local school board tried to get frisky with sex education. Parents thronged their meetings to straighten them out. The board always backed down. They had to. Ultimately, the community’s voters were the highest authority. You couldn’t hire people they didn’t want to teach, and couldn’t peddle stuff they didn’t want being taught.

In the mid-70s “directives” started coming down from Trenton; and again, presto! The local school board, elected by the community that paid for the schools, had no choice but to obey the state. So when the state said “Sex ed now,” the board could only say, “Yes, master.”

And somehow the people stopped coming to the meetings to object, stopped paying attention… The local school boards had been transformed into rubber stamps for the state and federal governments. School board elections featured extremely low turnouts–because it didn’t matter who you elected!

The things that are routinely “taught” and done in public schools today would have been impossible, unthinkable, in 1965. Teacher strikes? Hah–not legal. Preaching hatred of America? Not on your life: they’d run you out of town.

What a hustle this turned out to be. We still pay for it, 100%, but we have zero ownership rights. And most people don’t bother anymore. They say “It’s free,” because the money is sucked straight out of their taxes and they don’t have to write a check. “It’s free.” Hot dog.

If there is any single thing chiefly responsible for the ruin of our country, it would have to be what we laughingly call our public education system. Carve it on our nation’s tombstone: “Educated themselves to death.”

And I haven’t even mentioned the monumental damage done by our, um, colleges and universities. My blood pressure won’t stand it.

‘College vs. Free Speech’ (2017)

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It’s getting smaller all the time

It’s been four years since I posted this, and our colleges and universities continue to undermine our country and wage war against our freedoms.

College vs. Free Speech

Honestly, we must be freakin’ suicidal, letting this go on and on–and paying for it, too! Paying colossal amounts of money! In addition to the harm Harvard does to souls and minds, it also sucks up more than 40 billion of our dollars every year. 

For which we get $40 billion worth of neo-Stalinist claptrap.

We have 24 comments here so far, by the way. Feel free to add more.

Destroying America Without a War

Cal Thomas; Angry Democrats try to kneecap Trump before he takes office -  Orlando Sentinel

Just one of many…

If you were America’s worst enemy–I won’t say Communist China, in case there’s anyone out there who hates us even more than the Chicoms do–how would you destroy our country without going to war?

First, put clowns in public office. It’s demoralizing to be governed by jerks. A senile, doddering president. A nonentity of a vice president who’s only there because she’s a “woman of color”–no one knows what else she brings to that office. Some fat guy who says he’s a woman running a big piece of our public health apparatus. A secretary of state whom the Chicoms mock and insult to his face. You get the idea. And don’t forget all those fools in Congress.

Second, encourage them to follow ruinous public policies. Trash the border. Raise taxes to the ceiling. Let the riots go on without a check. “Protect us from the virus” by letting felons out of jail. You can probably think of more.

Third, kill the culture. More transgender! More abortions! Lots more Critical Race Theory! Really rotten schools! And turn the universities into nothing more than factories that turn out useful idiots as useless citizens. Treat envy as a virtue, not a sin.

All of this is being done to us. We think China foots the bill, in tandem with assorted globalists. Governed by criminals, governed by idiots–what’s the difference?

Pray hard. We have nothing left but our prayers. Appeal to the Judge of all the earth.

And tell the truth.

A Nooze-Free Saturday?

2,784 Boiling Cauldron Photos - Free & Royalty-Free Stock Photos from Dreamstime

I have to do things to keep my sanity. One of those things is to refrain from writing up the nooze on weekends. Not that I can avoid the nooze–who can? But I can draw the line at writing it.

There’s stuff going on out there–produced on purpose, by various people–that’s nothing but a one-way ticket to Hell. A lot of the villains are inordinately rich and powerful, and can’t be stopped by ordinary means.

Oops. See that? Drifting into the nooze while trying not to. That’s how insidious it is.

We can always pray the Lord to fight for us. We can put our trust in the Judge of all the earth to protect the right. In fact, never mind “can.” We have to.

The pot will keep on boiling over the weekend whether we watch it or not. It will still be there on Monday.

Plenty of time to get our hands burned then.

A Country That Was Lost

Arzawa High Resolution Stock Photography and Images - Alamy

I’m betting most of you never heard of a kingdom called Arzawa, in western Anatolia, although if you read the Bible you’ll have heard of its capital city–Ephesus. That city survived and thrived for many centuries after Arzawa itself disappeared from history.

Once upon a time Arzawa was a major power that rivaled and fought against the Hittite Empire. The kings of Arzawa made alliances with “Ahhiyawa” (probably Homer’s “Achaeans,” the Mycenaean Greeks) in the west and with Egypt in the south. Most of what we know about them comes from Hittite and Egyptian annals and diplomatic correspondence. Eventually the Hittites conquered Arzawa and divided it into three Hittite provinces, one of which, centuries later, morphed into the much more famous kingdom of Lydia, where Croesus ruled until he was conquered by Cyrus the Great of Persia.

The point is, Arzawa was a rather important and sometimes very strong kingdom, a going concern, a major power in Asia Minor that was able to maintain its position for several hundred years.

And now it’s gone; and almost totally forgotten.

This has happened to hundreds of once-important countries: you couldn’t count them all.

It could happen to our country. Give the Democrats a little more power, and we will live to see it happen.

Except the LORD build the house, they labor in vain that build it (Psalm 127:1).

Start praying. What we build without the Lord will not stand.