Too Much Despair Out There!

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Are the big guys bailing out on us?

Yesterday I encountered several opinion pieces whose message was “We give up, the bad guys win! Goodbye, America!” And then I read Victor Davis Hanson’s recent essay, “Anarchy, American Style” (

Holy cow. Over the years I’ve respected Hanson as a commentator–but this is something else. Maybe he ought to be put on a suicide watch.

According to Hanson (and he’s not the only one who says so), Far Left Crazy now controls virtually everything… and has become The Establishment. Any meaningful opposition simply does not exist. (Ron DeSantis apparently doesn’t know this.)

Victor, Victor! Live up to your name! Is God not on His throne? Will He not judge our time? Is truth no longer truth? And do the odds really matter? Because the enemy is big and strong and wealthy, does that mean we do well to surrender? I should send you one of my T-shirts that reads, “If they have to kill us, they’ve lost.”

I am a nobody. Not too small to step on and crush, but still pretty much a nobody. Does this woeful era of history discourage me? You bet it does. Does it give me a license to give up?

No. Never.

My wife asked me, “So what’s his solution? What does he say we should do?”

“He has nothing to say by way of a solution. Not even a ‘Stay tuned for Part II, “What to Do About it.”‘

We belong to a God who uses the weak to overthrow the mighty, foolish things to confound the wise, and things that are despised to cast down things that are esteemed [See 1 Corinthians Chapter 1]. As bad as things are, we His people have faced worse. Much worse. Two world wars kind of spring to mind.

If our leaders are going to lose heart and give up–well, ask God to give us new ones. He can raise them up at will.


Groomer Alert! NJ to ‘Punish Schools’ That Don’t Teach ‘Gender Identity’

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“They” for just one person? But this corrupts everything it touches.

Why do we still have local school boards in states like New Jersey? All they can do is rubber-stamp whatever BS gets handed down by the Dept. of Education.

The DOE has announced that it will “punish” school districts that fail to teach 10-year-olds all about “gender identity” etc. ( Dire warnings! Schools that don’t OBEY will be subject to “disciplinary action”–undefined: what, 50 lashes?–and “monitoring” by the state.

Do you still want your kids to be in public schools? Do you think you’ll get a pass because you live in some state other than New Jersey? The teachers’ unions mean for this curriculum to reign supreme in all 50 states.

What purpose can this transgender-homosexual-weirdo business possibly serve but to groom children for sex and make them available for sex? What is wrong with these “educators”? Are they all pedophiles? Or do they just see this as the handiest and best way to destroy the America that they hate so much?

Sorry! I’m getting too angry and words are beginning to fail me.

FBI Goon Squad Storms Family’s Home

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(Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip)

FBI storm troopers–oops, sorry, I meant “agents”… 25 or 30 of them, armed with rifles–raided a pro-life activist’s family home, scared the dickens out of his seven children, and carted him off to be grilled for a case that a judge had already thrown out of court ( They came in 15 “vehicles” and pounded on the door at 7 a.m.

Are we still in America?

They do these things to show us who’s boss. They would never, never, never do it to a pro-abortion activist.

They do these things to scare the rest of us.

I think it ought to make us angry, not scared. Our tax money, that we worked for, has been used to transform the FBI into a Far Left Democrat goon squad.

There’ll be more and more and more of this if the Democrats can successfully cheat their way through the midterm elections.

Vote Republican as if your country’s life depended on it… which it does.


Most of Us Think Most of Us Are ‘A Threat to Democracy’?

The Invisible Gorilla — Dave DeSelm Ministries

They want to charge me to use images of SloJo’s speech, but the heck with that. A dindle in a gorilla suit is practically the same damned thing.

Remember what Herschel Walker says about polls: most of them are nothing but trash talk intended to discourage Republican voters.

So we have a Reuters-Ipsos poll that says “most Americans” think the MAGA movement–that would be tens of millions of us, if not most of us–is “a threat to our democracy”… I guess because SloJo Biden said so in his “down with half of America!” speech (

So most of us are afraid of most of us! Meanwhile, theaters in New York City are closing, Broadway shows are being shut down (I heard on the radio this morning), because people from out of town are increasingly afraid to visit New York–where the Far Left Crazy district attorney refuses to prosecute criminals and the rate of violent crime is soaring into the stratosphere. Tourists are getting murdered practically every day.

But no–they’re probably afraid to go to New York because they might meet some MAGA people. As unlikely as that might be.

Look at our country now, compared to three years ago. Honk if you like what you see.

Losing Our Country

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Don’t worry, they only shoot conservatives!

They will not stop until they’ve ruined our republic and replaced it with an authoritarian one-party state. By “they” I mean the Democrat Party, the globalist elites, and our home-grown commies in the teachers’ unions and the nooze media.

The redcoats are not just coming, dude. The redcoats are here.

So now they’re using the FBI to intimidate dissenters into submission, using Big Tech to silence all dissent, and using the media to make sure you know what happens to those who get in the way of Progress. Who haven’t they gotten to? I was reading The New York Post this morning and suddenly it turned into The Peking Review, vintage 1967. They’ve got the Post whipped into line.

Note, carefully: There has never been a debate over whether the 2020 election was truly won or truly stolen. Mountains of evidence are out there, but no high court has deigned to look at it. No one has shown the evidence to be false. No one has explained the discrepancies. All we ever get is a big fat “because I said so!” Never any reasons. We have never been given any reason to believe in the integrity of that election. There has never been an open public examination of the evidence.

And since when has it been a criminal offense to be wrong? They want to jail you for “Climate Change Denial.” “Election Denial,” too, if they had their way. Most people are wrong about something, some things, or many things every day of their lives–often without knowing it. Are we all just supposed to shut up and let Joe Biden be the only one in America who’s allowed to be wrong?

Instead of reasons, instead of proof, we get the FBI pouncing on Trump supporters nationwide, invading their homes, confiscating their personal property, and in general behaving just like the gangsters they used to pursue. Only now they’re the gangsters. All they need is more colorful nicknames. Maybe we should have a contest to find the most fitting nickname for Director Christopher Wray. Win a trip to Leavenworth!

Maybe they were always crooks and hooligans, protected by fantastic P.R.

Again I say this: We have never been closer to losing our country than we are now. It has all the earmarks of a coup… and I wonder for how long the Democrats have been planning it.

I will never forgive them for making me think things like that.

FBI Goon Squad Grabs ‘My Pillow’ CEO’s Phone

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Goon squad!

[Thanks to Phoebe for the nooze tip.]

Where will the FBI stop–or will they just not stop at all?

Mike Lindell, CEO of My Pillow, is the latest in a throng of Trump supporters to be intimidated, bullied, and harassed by goons from the FBI… which is lately coming to look very like the gangsters they used to chase until they got into politics (

Lindell was in his car, in line at a Hardee’s drive-thru, when three cars full of gun-toting FBI goons surrounded him and confiscated his cell phone.

And look how the New York Post has sold us out! You don’t expect to see this schiff in the New York Post, but there it is: Lindell is “a pro-Trump conspiracy theorist” who has been “falsely insisting Donald Trump won the 2020 election.” I’ll have more to say about this a little later.

Hey, FBI! Hey, Dept. of “Justice”! Are you going to come after everyone who sides with Donald Trump? That’s tens of millions of us! Where do your Democrat gauleiters tell you to stop?

“We were just following orders…!”

FBI, you have totally tossed your reputation into the latrine.

‘Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire’ (2016)

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In the midst of a presidential election campaign, in which Democrats floated the idea of throwing people into prison for “Climate Change Denial,” the National Snow and Ice Data Center came up with a bunch of reports of shrinking polar ice caps–reports that were rather easily shown to be untrue.

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!

Oh! But now, having stolen the next election after that, they’ve got what they want! Trillions of dollars spent on “Climate”! And dissenters, beware–that’s the FBI banging on your door in the middle of the night.

We have just about completely lost our country.

Does anyone know how to get it back?


Are We Sure We Want That Kind of Revenge?

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“Ah, we’ve just killed Caesar! Now what?”

I heard a commentator on the radio today who had a highly tempting message:

Now that Democrats have laid the groundwork, mapped out the path, for treating your political rivals as criminals, silencing dissent, and it being totally okay to set up “a mild species of dictatorship,” we who are not Democrats should be resolved that when our turn comes, when we have the power and they don’t, we are going to use that power as they used it–and hammer them silly.

Every red blood cell in my body cried out, “Yeah, man, yeah! Give it to ’em! Let’s see how they like it! At last the wheel turns! At last we’ll see the Democrats run over by it!”

But I soon got to thinking about the destruction of the Roman Republic… by the Romans. This is how it started: rival political factions pulling knives on each other. With us it’ll be “You threw our guy in jail, now we’ll throw two of yours into a worse jail.” The shooting and the rioting doesn’t start until a little later. In Rome it wasn’t safe to step out of your house to vote. That could happen here. Unless, of course, they’ve got the technology to change your vote even as you cast it.

Violence in Rome, chaos and fear–until finally Augustus Caesar is the last of the killers left alive, and the new ruler of the Roman world. Everyone else has been killed. And from now on, no republic.

So–do we just let the Democrats get away with what they’ve done? Heaven forbid. But there has to be a difference between accountability and vendetta. My flesh desires the vendetta, but it must not be.

Without any accountability at all, the whole nation is demoralized. Some of Biden’s stooges would do well to get out of town while the gettin’s good. But this must be law, conforming to the Constitution–not a blood feud. I don’t like saying so! But it’s the truth.

School Board Pays ANTIFA ‘Teacher’ 3 Years’ Salary to Get Lost

Gabriel Gipe, a California teacher who displayed an Antifa flag in his classroom and said he wanted to turn his students into 'revolutionaries' is receiving three years of salary in exchange for his resignation

Public Education Outrage No. 2:

Look at that. Would you want this… this character “teaching” your children? Well, they had him at Inderkum High School in Sacramento, and parents wanted him fired, they kept demanding it… so the school board has paid him some $190,000 to resign without a lawsuit (

This guy’s a pip. He brags that he’s pledged allegiance to ANTIFA, he had an Antifa flag in his classroom, and Mao Tse-tung posters, everybody’s a “fascist” but him and his playmates, and he declared to the nooze media, “I have 180 days to turn them [his students] into revolutionaries.”

So they paid him three years’ salary to go away. Sweet.

What are the teachers’ colleges turning out, anymore? Why do our school boards hire freaks like this–with our tax dollars? And why, oh, why does anyone send their kids to public school? Don’t you see what’s happening in those schools? Don’t you see what kind of people they employ? People, the school board that you voted for hired this freak!

Do we really have to just sit there while our so-called “education” system destroys our country?

They’ll Cheat Again in November

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Rep. Claudia Tenney

[Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip]

You know I hate to do nooze on the weekend; but if I hold this item off till Monday, I’ll forget it.

Rep. Claudia Tenney (R-NY) has now spent about a year warning the American people that the Democrat Party will again employ massive cheating to win this year’s mid-term elections. For example this, from 2021, .

In March of 2021 “President” Joe Biden issued an executive order to allow agencies of the federal government to… well, to play on the Democrats’ side in elections! To the tune of $1 billion in ballot-harvesting schemes. Housing and Urban Development, the Small Business Administration, and other agencies will be playing “Get out the vote!” in November. But only votes for Democrats. Real and not-so-real. All paid for with tax dollars. Everybody’s tax dollars.

Well, how else are they going to survive? Name a Democrat policy since 2020 that hasn’t been an unmitigated disaster. Can’t do it, can you? That’s because there’s no such thing. So they have to cheat or else get wiped out and lose control of both houses of Congress.

If they win this time, we’re finished.