The Freak in the Classroom

Is this who you want “teaching” your children?

Ready for another public schooling outrage?

“Libs of TikTok” has turned up another post by a “queer” teacher, this one “teaching” third grade ( It flies an Organized Sodomy rainbow flag in the classroom and wears “bi-flag” watchband and wrist bracelet. This purple-haired character says he/she/it is always eager to help “my kids–”

Whoa! Did she/it say “my kids”? Parents let her/it get away with that?

Why does anybody still send their kids to public school?

Anyway, the “teacher” wants to “help” kiddies “transition” to some other “gender.” I am sorry for all the quotation marks, but we are now in the twilight zone and words don’t mean what we always thought they meant.

I don’t know what else America’s unionized public school teachers think they’re doing, but I can see one thing they’re most certainly doing–grooming children for aberrant sex.

And if your kids are still in public school, you’re letting them do it.

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  1. People need to take a look at what is happening in their children’s classrooms. Even when I was a child, it was a mistake to assume that everything happening in schools would align with your family’s values.

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