A Thought! (A Gift of God)

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Queen Esther

I was telling my wife about the heroic pizza delivery man who ran into a house on fire to rescue five children. She shook her head and said, “He’s wasted, delivering pizzas.” And it popped into my head to say, “But if he hadn’t been in that job, delivering a pizza, he wouldn’t have been there to save those lives.”

A comment from Erlene, reacting to a nooze item about intensely perverted men preferring “sex dolls” to women: the kind of thing, she thought, that makes you want to weep for the vileness of this age. And it came to me to answer–I’m not taking credit for this, you understand: I think it’s God speaking to me–“Maybe He put us here and now for a reason. Maybe we’re His pizza delivery drivers. Maybe we’d better be ready to run into a burning building and save people.”

I am not wise enough to have said that on my own.

I think of Esther, a nice Jewish girl who was made the queen of Persia. She literally had to risk her life, to speak to the king on behalf of her people. Mordecai told her she may well have been born “for such a time as this” (Esther 4:14). So she hazarded herself, and saved her people.

We can’t all be heroes–or can we? I think that may be up to God, not us.


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  1. Correct. God has got all this. I have a song suggestion: Gaither Vocal Band Hear My Song, Lord. This expresses the way we should pray every day.

  2. Here is another I just remembered, when you have time: The Collingsworth Family doing I Shall Not be Moved.

  3. You’ve reminded us of an important thing, Lee. And maybe God has already used us at times when we haven’t even noticed. I often pray, “Lord, please work some good through me in spite of me, but don’t let me know about it or else I’ll start taking credit for it and mess it all up.” We just have to trust in him, try our best to follow him, and hope that when the time comes our gaze will be so firmly fixed on him that we won’t even know we’ve done a heroic thing until we’re in the middle of it — or have already done it.

    Myself, I’m such a coward that if I ever have to stop and think about whether to do the heroic thing I’ll probably chicken out. Maybe not even from cowardice but from sheer laziness. I’m really a bit of a slob. I’m grateful to God for loving me anyway and shoving me in ways I should be going or just using me as an instrument in his Providence without letting me mess it up too much.

    Along similar lines, may we have “His Eye Is on the Sparrow”?

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