Why Cats Rule

We dispute the claim that cats are fearless. They certainly startle easily. But–!

They are perfectly capable of dominating other animals that could just swallow them whole if they weren’t too cowed to try. Cats put the whammy on bears, big dogs, and humans.

We cannot explain how they do it.

4 comments on “Why Cats Rule

  1. Earlier today, after watching a YouTube video about a 900 pound Liger, I was thinking about the role cats play in creation. There is nothing quite like a cat. They have such a sense of self, and they are willing to stand up for themselves, to anyone, or anything. They are another aspect of God’s imagination.

    1. They are really amazing creatures. Cats are incredibly bold. Imagine if you weighed 7 pounds and your were dealing with a creature the size of a human. That would intimidate me, but my cat deals with this situation every day, and I promise you, I don’t intimidate her in the slightest.

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