Help Me Go Nooze-Free This Weekend

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(Put away the jack-in-the-box! It’s a news-free weekend.)

By the time Friday afternoon rolls around, I’m noozed out–like, I just don’t want to hear any more, let alone write about it. My battery needs to be recharged.

Ah… But if I don’t cover any nooze, why should anybody visit this blog?

Uh… for hymns, fellowship, fun stuff, satire? Would those things do it for you? We can’t get together on my back porch to play Monopoly, but we can hang out here. We can strike up conversations, you know. You could start one right here, on any subject that suggests itself. Just leave a comment. I enjoy it when we get to talking.

Now turn we unto Byron the Quokka.

4 comments on “Help Me Go Nooze-Free This Weekend

  1. There is a lot to talk about, news and otherwise, but most of it not very encouraging, so lets look up some good hymns.

  2. Okay. I have some good news for the moment about Iggy. After — and, I’m convinced, because of — everyone’s prayers when he seemed to be dying, he recovered and has had almost two weeks of normality. Of course, “normal” for him still means throwing up once or twice a day, but at least he’s alive and eating and using his litter box and cuddling with me. I know we’re bound to have another bad spell soon, but I’m treasuring every good moment we have in the meantime. So thank you, everyone, for your prayers, and thanks especially to God for answering the prayers.

    1. That’s very good news!
      We’ve got to take Robbie in for radioactive iodine, a treatment which is to cure her hyperthyroid problem. This poor cat has had so many medical interventions in her life! But you’d never guess it to look at her.

      I’ll be asking for prayers when the day comes.

  3. Good news, Phoebe! Glad Iggy is somewhat better.

    It’s a quiet summer Saturday here, I got the green beans picked before the rain, and just finished blanching/freezing them. And there’s some left fresh for supper, yum!

    The only fun news story I saw today was on zerohedge about a recovered shipwreck from 1682. Some amazingly well preserved pieces of pottery were shown; a fun glimpse into the past!

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