They Don’t Want You Eating Real Food, Either

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Do you believe this schiff?

Are Lucky Charms better for you than eggs? Frosted Mini Wheats three times healthier than ground beef? How about Almond M&Ms? Are they healthier than eggs?

We know these are stupid questions; but this is what the globalists are selling us ( Oh–they also want us to eat bugs.

Yowsah, yowsah. According to the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy’s “Food Compass,” candy is actually better for you than beef or eggs or cheese. Candy. Can you say “settled science”?

They’ve also started to kick around ideas for introducing cannibalism into the civilized world’s culinary repertoire. Keep an eye out for it. Richard Dawkins is in favor of it, so you know it’s bad.

Are we happy that Bill Gates and Red China are buying up as much of America’s farmland as they can lay their hands on? Do you think it’s jim-dandy that the Dutch government is working to force farmers off their lands?

All over the world, globalist bigwigs are acting as predators upon the human race.

And we cannot save ourselves with Democrats in power.

4 comments on “They Don’t Want You Eating Real Food, Either

  1. Yes, this is all a part of getting us in the position “no one can buy or sell unless he has the “mark” on his head or hand” They had only a little way to go before the population is so desperate they will do anything to just survive.

  2. I used to eat “Lucky Charms.” Thank the Lord I have gotten so much wiser over the years dealing with growing and eating real food.

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