WEF: Dystopia ‘R’ Us

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You don’t need no stinkin’ cars!

The World Economic Forum wants to ban private ownership of cars and would like most of you peasants to give up your cell phones, too. There’s nowhere you really need to go, and no one whom you really need to talk to (https://www.vikendi.net/2022/07/26/schwabs-wef-instructs-governments-to-ban-private-car-ownership-as-soon-as-possible/).

Leftids hate that regular people have cars and can go wherever they please. Henry Ford virtually invented the American middle class by manufacturing affordable cars. We owe much to private car ownership–and curse us for fools if we ever let a bunch of stuffed shirts in Davos take it away.

As for us peasants having cell phones (not that I, personally, want one), there’s supposedly a shortage of rare metals, etc., so really these amenities should be reserved to our masters.

You can tell me globalism is not satanic in its origin, but I won’t believe you.


6 comments on “WEF: Dystopia ‘R’ Us

  1. Of course, it is satanic; obviously. He tried it with nimrod and he has never given up. he has to prepare for the antichrist, the mark and all of it. the world is rapidly being prepared for the mark of the beast. All these things are leading right up to it. Can’t be long. Maranatha

    1. You took the words right out of my mouth, Erlene. Of course it’s Satanic. Ezekiel 38-39 is literally shaping before our eyes. Russia. Iran (Persia) and Turkey are forming alliances, as we speak. Iran is close to having nuclear weapons and there is immense tension between Israel and Lebanon. With the Ukrainian war, Israeli natural gas is of great interest to Europe, which places Israel in the crosshairs of Russia, as an economic competitor. It’s all straight out of Ezekiel.

    1. I think that will be the triggering event. Israel is bombing Ames shipments passing through Damascus, all the time. Someday, something could happen that will end up leveling Damascus, whether at Israel’s hand, or the hand of some other nation, and then it will be open season on Israel. I expect that people from many nations will volunteer to be a part of that, and then our God will act.

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