‘We Don’t Have a Mobile Phone’ (2018)

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We don’t have a cell phone. I admit there are times that it would come in handy. But the thing is, you put yourself on 24-hour call with people who have nothing to offer but annoyance. (I say “people,” but half of them are only robots so you can’t even yell at them.)

We Haven’t Got a Mobile Phone

“Hello! Mr. Du-du-gaaan, this is David–” yeah, sure it is: David freakin’ Copperfield–“with Healthcare Healthy Systems…”

No, I don’t need that.

You go into the pizza parlor and there’s a group of half a dozen kids sitting together around a table, all of them glued to their cell phones. Why don’t they talk to each other? There’s something wrong with this picture.

5 comments on “‘We Don’t Have a Mobile Phone’ (2018)

  1. It’s becoming pretty hard to live without a mobile phone. I have mine set to not ring, unless the caller’s number is in my phone book, so that took care of unwanted calls. They come in very handy for multi-factor authentication, when you logon to something (bank account, credit card, etc.) and they send you a 6 digit code as a second factor for authenticating. The code is short lived, and prevents third parties from entering your account, even if they know your password.

  2. I find it so easy to live without a mobile phone. I never have had one. I don’t want one. I will not carry one around. I have seen five people (teenagers) sitting in my living room and not talking to each other, but doing something on their phones. How awful that seemed to me. Communicating with someone, but not with each other.

    I find it so very rude, while having a conversation with someone, their phone will ring, and they will answer it and start a conversation with whoever called, and most of the time will not even say, “excuse me I need to take this call.” I say, when you are talking with someone, turn off your phone!!!! You can call them back!!! Will someone die if you do not answer your phone???? Stop being rude!!! I am sorry “pet peeve,” had to get that out!!!

  3. Boy, I’m with you on this one, ALTHOUGH, unfortunately, I do have an iphone (should be i for ignorant) and I hate it. It was the only kind of phone I could get in order to get the service I need in this way-out area. I don’t get any more of the robocalls with this one than the previous phone, but trying to do what I need to do is a real frustration.

  4. My wife and daughter made me get a cell phone, so I bought a Tracfone for $15.00 and I pay $12.00 a month. It can do all an iPhone does just not as easily, but I only use it to call my wife from the grocery store to ask where something is or what brand to buy 🙂

    1. If we had to go on a long trip or something, we might be a temporary cellphone just in case. But we already get too many nuisance calls.

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