We Haven’t Got a Mobile Phone

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Whole Foods offers a discount to Amazon Prime members; but we couldn’t get ours today because we haven’t got a mobile phone.

When my wife called about that, the woman at Whole Foods corporate offices apologized: they had no idea that so many people choose not to have cell phones. Half the calls they were getting today, she said, were from Amazon Prime members who don’t have cell phones. “We never thought of it!” she admitted. So their programmers are working on some way of making the discount available to us who have only land lines.

So why don’t we have a mobile phone?

The thing is, if you have one, people call you on it. There’s no point in having one if you don’t carry it around with you. And then they can get at you while you’re grocery shopping, playing basketball, or trying to drive your car in nerve-racking Jersey traffic without getting killed. “Hello! This is Romaine from Fumble Bay Resorts! Our records show that you stayed with us for two weeks in 1974 and had a wonderful time…” Lie. Scam. Trying to bamboozle poor senior citizens. Plus all these jidrools text you with ads all the time, which you wind up paying for.

Well, it was gratifying to learn that we have a lot of company in this.

Land liners, stand firm! Enough technology is enough.

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  1. It’s an interesting dilemma. I don’t have a land line because I have to have a mobile phone and there’s no purpose served in having a land line. But I do hate the damn thing. It rings incessantly. I recently installed a service called RoboKiller, which blocks robot dialed calls. I am no longer driven to near distraction by conversations with people whom I can’t understand (for their accents).

  2. It’s rather like the local television stations that tell you during a power outage to go to their website for further information and updates. Right. That’s fine if you happen to have an alternative power source, but if not . . .

  3. Today I took my care into Firestone for an oil change. I was asked my phone number because I was going to be walking at the mall. The attendant was amazed I didn’t have a cell phone. When Senator Tom Coburn of OK retired, the first thing he did was get rid of his cell phone because he knows the federal gov’t knows everything that goes on with it – where you are, have been, who talked to, what was said, etc., etc. I don’t need Big Brother in my pocket.

  4. It’s definitely a generational thing. Those who grew up with technology are much more prone to carry a smart phone with them. I like my smartphone, but I could live without it if I needed to.

    1. Lol, Watchman. I’m 70 and can hardly use many of the features on my ‘smartphone’, but it’s handy for my purposes 🙂

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