Kamala’s Pronouns

Honk if you care what this dindle’s pronouns are.

It’s bad enough they lie to us, bully us, rob us, debauch our elections, destroy our national borders, subvert our republic, ravage our culture, attack our standard of living, and gut our economy.

But do they have to tear down our dignity? Do they have to insult us? I mean, is this how our (ahem!) “leaders” are going to talk to us from now on?

Notice she quickly glances down at her suit to make sure it really is blue. “I am a woman in a blue suit.” (Check! Yeah, okay, I am.) “My preferred pronouns are her and she.”

Really, what have we done to deserve this? And if SloJo folds, and tries to shake hands with one too many imaginary people… this talking vegetable will be our president.

How far down do you have to prune the Democrat Party before you find somebody who’s not a wacko or a crook?


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