Meat-Head: Biden ‘the Greatest’

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Still a meat-head after all these years…

If you think these are easy times to be a satirist, think again. Really, how do you satirize Hollywood liberals?

Rob Reiner, who rose to fame as Archie Bunker’s liberal doofus son-in-law on All in the Family, decades ago, has astounded millions by declaring SloJo Biden “the greatest” president in 60 years ( Archie called his son-in-law “Meat-head.” People are still calling Reiner that.

This is the jidrool who wanted Hillary Clinton to “take over” after losing the 2016 election. He thinks Lyndon Johnson was a great president.

How do you make fun of these dindles? Joe Biden is “great”? How do you say that and not wind up in a straitjacket?

At least Reiner holds no public office. But The Regime is full of characters every bit as loopy as he is. Reminded that Biden is plumbing new depths of failure and unpopularity, Reiner reasons, “Screw politics. Screw poll numbers.”

Eureka! Is this why Democrats are acting so confident about this year’s mid-term elections?

Because… they’re crazy?



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