New ‘Crime’: ‘Causing Anxiety’ on Facebook

The tweet showed four LGBT pride flags positioned to make a swastika, captioned with the words, 'Oh blessed and most holy month'

Only leftists are allowed to call other people “Nazis.” (I couldn’t see the swastika the first time I looked.)

What the deuce are they thinking? If “thinking” is the word for it.

British police have arrested an army veteran because “Someone has been caused anxiety based on your social media post, and that is why you’re being arrested” (

Oh, no! The vet is accused of arranging a bunch of “pride” flags into a swastika. Personally, I couldn’t “see” the swastika until the Daily Mail told us what it was supposed to be.

What is this? Every day leftids accuse normal people of being “Nazis.” It’s sort of like being a “racist.” But let one man turn the tables on the homofascists, and the UK Kops swing into action. Apparently only lefties are allowed to call other people Nazis, which they do all the time. If everyone in America who’s ever been called a Nazi were arrested, they’re be nobody left outside.

We are reminded yet again that our War for Independence was a very, very good idea.

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