Robbie to Get Radioactive Iodine Treatment

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We’re stewing today because we’ve got to take Robbie to another corner of the state tomorrow to get radioactive iodine treatment for her hyperthyroid condition.

We’re not worried about the treatment itself, because so many people say it really works. It’s more the early-morning drive on the Garden State Parkway, with the cat screaming bloody murder all the way there, crazy Jersey drivers all around us, and a not at all user-friendly veterinary practice where they won’t let you take your cat into the building, they’ll come out and get her, etc. They’re still in full-throttle COVID mode.

We’ll have to leave her there for several days because she’ll be “hot” from the treatment. Again, people say it really works. But we’re not used to there being no little girl-cat in our home and I expect we’ll fret in spite of reassurances that all will be well. It’s like checking your child into the hospital. Not very soothing.

I just can’t do any more nooze today. Please pray for us.

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  1. I am a cat lover who lost my two best friends (16-year-old littermates) two years ago. One of them received the radioactive treatment for hyperthyroidism, but shortly afterward she developed hypothyroidism and had to be on permanent (and expensive!) medication for that condition. I’m told that’s a rather rare occurrence, but it was an upsetting condition for my poor cat who had already been through so much! I’m praying for your precious Robbie that all goes well and stays well!

    1. This poor cat has had so many medical problems in her life. Thank you for your prayers. Robbie’s sixteen; we lost her sister, our angel, earlier this year and haven’t yet got over it.

    1. There’s a limit to how far we can go. This butcher shop (I’m quoting a customer review) was 20 miles away.

      You’d understand our concern if you had to drive in New Jersey.

    2. Distances have a far different meaning out this way. My office is nearly 50 miles from my home, for example. I don’t go into the office very often, these days, but if I have to go in, it will take 55 minutes, minimum. Before California went stark ravin’ mad, I would drive to LA like it was nothing.

    3. Update–too many bad reviews, Patty has decided to cancel the whole damned thing. We’ll have to try something else.

    4. In a way, I’m kind of relieved about the cancellation. I’d probably have done the same thing, even if only because of the “pet-snatching in the parking lot” policy. But considering all those negative reviews in addition, I’d be afraid to leave my cat for three days with such people.

      I’ll continue praying for Robbie — and for you and Patty as well. At least Robbie will be with people who love her and whom she loves. And meanwhile you can look for other options.

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