Not-So-Sleepy Kittens

The hurly-burly’s done, at least for now, we’re not taking Robbie to The Bad House tomorrow, we’ll find another way to deal with her hyperthyroid problem: our regular vet says there are things we can try.

Meanwhile, these are supposed to be sleepy kittens, but I don’t see much hope of that. Well, at least they’re cute and huggable kittens. And that’s worth a lot.

3 comments on “Not-So-Sleepy Kittens

  1. Oh, I am so happy to hear this news. I believe our prayers have been answered. Wonderful!

  2. Cats extract every bit of enjoyment that they can, out of life, and these kittens are making the most of the petting that comes their way.

    With my cat, we decided to remove her thyroid, and the vet said that most cats do not have metabolic problems, even after their thyroid is removed. He said her pulse rate dropped instantly, once her thyroid was out.

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