Robbie’s Radioactive Iodine: The Deal’s Off

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Nope, uh-uh, deal’s off–we are not going to take Robbie for radioactive iodine treatment tomorrow. We have changed our minds.

This is because we have read customer reviews of this clinic where we were supposed to go, and really, really bad reviews outnumbered so-so reviews by at least 10-1. There were no really positive reviews. And not only that: dealing with them on the phone, they put us off with what looked like a serious want of professionalism and an alarming bent for greed. They seem to be specializing in extracting unexpectedly high fees from their clients.

So we cancelled.

Thank you for your prayers. I think God answered them by warning us off.

Our regular vet thinks there are other things we can do to treat Robbie’s hyperthyroid problem. I hope so. But no way we’re taking her to that other place down the highway.

4 comments on “Robbie’s Radioactive Iodine: The Deal’s Off

  1. I agree, our prayers have been answered and saved you from a lot of bad things. I’m sure the right answer will come.

  2. There are always different, and most of the time much better treatments than using any kind of radioactive treatment. The same for chemotherapy treatments! There are research studies showing that those who forgo chemo, do better than those who undertook that deadly treatment. Chemo may shrink the tumor, but it greatly weakens the body’s whole immune system. The immune system which needs to be strong to fight the disease you have! In the case of chemo, the treatment is much worse than the disease!

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