CNN: Almost $1 Billion Down the Tubes

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“It’s a bad chart, boss!”

Let’s see if we can find something cheery to report…

Ah! CNN has lost almost a billion dollars in revenues so far this year, And their overall viewership is down 27% ( Yowch!

“How can they bear to change the channel on us?” laments the Voice of CNN, an evil spirit. “There can’t be so many people out there who aren’t as Far Left as we are! Just can’t be!”

But people ain’t watchin’ and sponsors ain’t buyin’, and it may already be too late for the new ownership to keep the ship from sinking.

One down, a bunch more left to go. If we could only shut down some big universities, too!

We just might save America.

2 comments on “CNN: Almost $1 Billion Down the Tubes

  1. I keep telling my wife no one is watching those leftist cable news shows. The only time we see any of it is when the conservative news shows use clips from them to mock and criticize. What is bad, though, is the ABC, NBC, CBS thirty minute shows each night have huge audiences.

    1. I didn’t know those old networks were still functioning. *sigh*
      Hard to say which damages America more–our (ahem!) education system or our nooze media.

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