Kittens Freaked Out… by Their Mother

How do you like that? Mommy-cat goes to the vet–and when she comes home, her kittens make like they don’t know her. Our two cats were like that. The one who goes to the vet comes home smelling like the doctor’s–obviously an imposter, cleverly disguised as one’s sister.

It’s OK–everything back to normal the next day.

8 comments on “Kittens Freaked Out… by Their Mother

  1. What a charming story.

    I’m getting ready now for our electricity shutdown — which may be postponed until next week if the weather prediction for rain today firms up. If it’s not postponed, see you tomorrow.

  2. I finally got to watch this. That reaction was pretty funny. It had to have been the scent. It was as if they recognized her by sight, but the scent had them puzzled. Maybe they thought that mom had been overtaken by aliens, sort of like the movie, Men In Black. 🙂

    1. Cats are naturals at vaudeville. Their startle reaction is hilarious. BTW, I’ve seen the same with Messi, when he sees something that he didn’t expect. There are few sights as funny as a mountain lion overreacting and running across the floor with his feet struggling for traction. It’s funny when my cat does it, but when a 100 pound + Cougar does it, the results are hilarious.

    2. My old Tomcat would freak out if he saw me wearing a hat. He could see me put the hat on, but would be scared of me when the hat was one. I could take the hat off, walk over and show him the hat, and he’d be fine, but as soon as I put the hat on, he acted like I had just arrived from Neptune.

    3. I never tried that. I keep hats nearby, they are a necessity in the summer months. My hat rack is actually a microphone stand.

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