Where Are the Crazy Leftids?

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I had several errands to do this morning, and at each store I visited, I got into conversations with others. The substance of these little chats was: stupid New Jersey is governed by villains, thieves, and fools, look at the mess our country’s in, and how in the world do we get out of it? And in short, no one in any of these conversations expressed even a ghost of satisfaction with the way things are in our country, our state, and our town.

But things are all screwed up, and they get that way because there are people who screw them up–sometimes on purpose, sometimes because they’re incompetents.

The people who made a mess of my town weren’t in those stores today. They sit on the borough council, the board of education, and the library board. Somehow they keep getting elected, keep on doing harm, keep on saddling us with foolish, costly programs and policies–we can’t get rid of them! Kick one out of office, and two more take his place.

Somehow their follies in governance never hurt them but only hurt the rest of us. (Yes, they saw to it that we had a Drag Queen Story Hour at our library! No town in America is small enough to be safe from that.) The big ones shield themselves in gated communities with high security, have enough money that inflation doesn’t matter, and anytime they please, hope aboard a private jet for some luxury location. So sure, why not–of course they can impose their weird visions on small towns, big cities, and whole countries. It won’t hurt them!

How long does this have to cook before it boils over?

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