Helping Mommy Cat

Here’s a cat with eight newborn kittens to care for. Cats are very good mothers, but eight at a time is a tall order!

You can hardly expect her to change the bedding in their box, so that’s where the human comes in. Don’t think she doesn’t appreciate it.

5 comments on “Helping Mommy Cat

  1. That is a huge litter. I am well aware, because the Aussie mom had 9 puppies this last go round. One died immediately, 4 are sold and 4 to go. My son sold 2 today, and they are getting so big now, they are really a handfull.

  2. This was her third. She is a great mother for a few weeks, but when she is through, she is through. So, my son buys the expensive dog food that they can begin eating as soon as she leaves them.

  3. She is a very hyper active dog, and to this day, she can outrun anything on feet or wheels.

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