A Valuable Error to Learn From

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Comedian Chris Rock is down on white liberals, big-time. I can’t link to his rant–with which I’m in full agreement–because it’s loaded with f-bombs and that’s just not the way we do things here. So be warned; and then if you want to read it, you’ll find it on Gateway Pundit today. (I mustn’t link to it.)

Yes, Chris, everything they stand for is wrong, stupid, evil, or some revolting combinaton thereof. You’re hitting the target every time.

Nevertheless, you make one mistake that unravels your whole position.

You say there are no black liberals (I take that as a rhetorical flourish). Fine. But then you say, “Yeah, we vote Democrat–but we ain’t liberals!”

Good grief! What Far Left liberal fat-head position is NOT a Democrat position? How many Democrats can you name who aren’t libs, and how many libs who aren’t Democrats? How do you vote for the party that stands for and promotes all those damnable things you think are poison to the country? Which of those follies and offenses that you named were not perpetrated by Democrats?

You can’t be a Democrat and NOT be for all those toxic policies sponsored and upheld by Democrats–open borders, fomenting racial paranoia, “teaching transgender” in the schools, going easy on crime, wasting billions of dollars of money that you had to work for… oh, it would take all day just to list the ways Democrats have harmed our country!

So stop voting for them already. Just stop. Don’t do it anymore.

America won’t survive the Democrat Party. Run them out of power. Forever.

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