Our Anniversary Today

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Forty-five years ago it was, 1977. We were both working for The Bayshore Independent at the time, Patty as bookkeeper, me as managing editor. We were going to go down to Elkton, MD, and get married. So I asked our employer for two days off.

“Can’t you do that on your vacation?” he replied querulously (always wanted to use that word!).

“It’s not like I get married often,” I said. So we got the two days.

Fancy circus wedding? No, not for us. We got married in a little chapel and then went fishing. Steamed crabs for supper that evening at the old Howard Hotel. With the kung-fu class going on upstairs. Heee-yah! Thump!

Yes, it’s Anniversary No. 45 today. Thank you, Lord: for all the goodness in our lives.

17 comments on “Our Anniversary Today

  1. Oh, what a blessed memory! — Love, good food, good scenery, and even a funny story to treasure up as one of many many in-jokes and memories to come. Blessings upon you both! (Funny, there seems to be a tear in my eye as I type.)

  2. Happy anniversary! Hopefully there’s still a good seafood restaurant nearby, and maybe you can watch a Jackie Chan movie afterwards.

  3. Happy Anniversary! 45 years! May the Lord bless and keep you throughout the upcoming years.

  4. Happy anniversary, Lee and Patty! I’ve always wanted a no-fuss wedding and honeymoon; yours sounds so nice (of course, I’ll have to have some fuss, because my family will want to be included, but I definitely won’t have a huge, super-fancy wedding; that’s if I ever do get married).

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