‘They Want *You* to Sacrifice for *Their* Beliefs’ (2017)

Neighbors Get Anonymous "Warning" Over Yard Sign

Have they left out any Far Left cliche? What a load of crap.

See, if you don’t do what rich while liberals say you have to do, that makes you a Biggit or a Hater! And certainly a Racist! You must make the sacrifices that are necessary for them to feel good about themselves.

They Want *You* to Sacrifice for *Their* Beliefs

I never realized what deep roots this had until I had occasion to deal with my home town’s library board. Oh, great Scott! I’d thought people that far out only inhabited satires. I never believed they were… real!

The plans they had for other people’s children, back then, are now called “grooming.”

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  1. Everything on that sign is true, but the world is not that simple. Sometimes people act harmfully. Also, people fall victim to their own short-sightedness, and at times make poor choices. Beyond that, not everyone defines these terms in the same manner. What one person sees as justice, another may see as injustice.

    1. Actually, a shibboleth like “Science is Real” turns out to be laughably untrue, once you realize that by “science” they mean global warming, transgender, and all the rest of the Far Left Fun-Pack.

      The truth is not in them.

    2. That’s the problem. That sign is true, but a vast oversimplification of reality. Science is real, but most of what passes for science these days is heavily politicized, which goes against the scientific process, of being led by testable and repeatable facts.

    3. Bunk is bunk, but there seem to be a lot of people in the field of science that have abandoned scientific process and are now passing bunk off as science. True scientific process is a search for truth, but that doesn’t happen much, these days.

  2. Ironically, every line on that placard — except, maybe, “water is life” — could be used against abortion in defense of unborn babies.

    1. Exactly. One debating tactic is to reduce one’s position to very simple, overly simple, facts, which obscure the intent of the position being taken. Control language, and you control the debate. I can find agreement with the statements on that sign, although “water is life” is so broad as to be nearly meaningless. Water is necessary for life, but beyond that, you could go in many, many directions, from that statement. As attributed to Mark Twain, there are three sorts of mendacity; lies, damned lies, and statistics. Reducing one’s arguments to such broad terms really amounts to the same thing as misleading statistics.

      I remember the hippie movement, of the ‘60s. It was couched in moral ambiguity. There were sincere desires for justice, but for many. the argument came down to young, and inexperienced people, demanding that they have the right to use drugs, practice sexual promiscuity and refusal to provide for oneself. Any harm that these things caused to others was beyond the scope of their conscious awareness, even though they maintained a strong conviction that they were somehow more aware than the rest of us. Strip away the rhetoric, and it became an exercise in selfishness.

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