‘Are We Really Deserting Christ?’ (2016)

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Our nooze media love to gloat over reports that Americans are leaving their churches and dropping Christianity. But are the reports true?

Are We Really Deserting Christ?

Christians aren’t going to stay in churches that aren’t Christian anymore. If Jesus has left the building, so should you.

Naturally we’re concerned by the numbers–if we believe them. Leaving a particular church is not the same as leaving Christianity. We do not forsake our assembling together for prayer and worship and thanksgiving. But we find new ways to do it.

Like here, for instance.

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  1. I have read and heard about this so often. You would never believe it if you visited our church here in this tiny village. The congregation has more than doubled in just the last few months. They had to remove the pews and bring in tons of chairs in order to make room for all the new people’ many of whom are very talented, gifted people in many different areas, and all are so willing to pitch in and serve.

  2. I sure wish you did, too. I will pray about that. I did pray for a special teacher for our before service Bible study, and after just a few months; here he came; a marvelous teacher I really enjoy. Then other prayers began to be answered and we are almost over-filled again. Praise the Lord.

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