My Newswithviews Column, Aug. 11 (‘Caution–Educators at Work’)

Parents at Inderkum High School in Sacramento had called on the district to fire AP Government teacher Gabriel Gipe after he was caught on video in September discussing the flag with Project Veritas, a far-right media group

“Advanced Placement Government” teacher in a public high school–on your dime, people! This is what you’re getting for your school tax dollars.

It’s not a challenge anymore, to find public education outrage stories. New ones surface every day.

Even so, these two stories do more than make you wonder if you’ve strayed into someone else’s delusion.

Caution! – ‘Educators’ at Work

How many of your teachers, guidance counselors, principals, or school board members were either racketeers or communist wack-jobs? What–none of that would have been allowed, back then?

Tell me how these shenanigans in public “education” do anything but undermine our country, or society, or even our individual personalities?

It really has to stop. One way or another.

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