Michigan Attorney General: ‘A Drag Queen for Every School’

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As Democrats herd and prod and goad us toward their “mild species of dictatorship” (that they now admit they want to have), they must be feeling very confident because now they’re rubbing our faces in it. And laughing as they do it.

Example: Michigan attorney general calls for “a drag queen for every school.” Nooze media try to pass it off as a “joke.” Ha, ha. Just a li’l Pride Month humor ( https://www.bridgemi.com/michigan-government/nessel-jokingly-calls-drag-queen-every-school-gop-not-laughing).

We are unable to explain how an in-your-face, to-hell-with-normal-people lesbian gets elected state attorney general. Really, how does that happen?

“Drag queens make everything better,” she quipped. “Drag queens are fun.”

Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin

Joking, was she? Any reason why we ought to believe that?

Democrats will turn our country into Hell.

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  1. They now feel powerful enough to laugh out loud about how they’re mentally — and in some cases physically — raping our children. And then they call themselves “marginalized and oppressed.” But there’s no point in accusing them of hypocrisy, because they’re proud of their hypocrisy, which they call “queering the narrative.” It’s all Satanic.

    Sorry I’m not commenting more today. Iggy and I had a bad night — he with one upchuck and two litter-box difficulties, and I with a condition I had about 15 years ago, which feels like someone intermittently driving a spike into the base of my skull on the left side, all the way up through my brain into my eye. Sometimes minutes apart, sometimes seconds apart. Hard to sleep. And afterward hard to stay awake. I had to warn the dentist this morning that if I suddenly winced and twitched, it wasn’t because of her, but because the spike just slammed into my head. (No, nothing serious at the dentist, just my every-4-months deep scaling.)

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