Will I Make It to the Starting Line Today?

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At the end of a blogging day, I scan the nooze one more time to see if there’s anything I should write about tomorrow. But when I did that yesterday, I ran into a brick wall.

It’s not that there was nothing to report. There was plenty–only it was all more of the same-ol’-same-ol’. I couldn’t bring myself to jot it down for later use. I mean, of course the Biden Regime spies on normal people and criminalizes its political rivals. Of course our public educators groom children for aberrant sex. And so on. The same damned stuff goes on every day.

I guess I’ll write Joe Collidge today; but so far as the rest of it’s concerned, I am temporarily out of gas. I can’t see my way to the starting line.

Well, maybe something will come along…

[An hour later] I can’t seem to find the starting line. Where did it go?

3 comments on “Will I Make It to the Starting Line Today?

  1. That’s an astute observation. We all can see what is going on, but none of us know if this will continue unabated, or if the pendulum will swing in the other direction. Personally, I think it’s End Times related, but that’s an opinion, and not a fact.

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