‘Will America’s Immorality Implode?’ (2016)

Trump, Florida lawmakers react to Rush Limbaugh's death

I listened to Rush Limbaugh on the radio for many years, and things like widespread, rampant immorality didn’t used to bother him. But in later years they did, and very much so. Bill Clinton’s presidency was a festival of totally getting away with–and even “celebrating”–notorious immorality.

Will America’s Immorality Implode?

Rush predicted that all this immorality would consume itself, and that the people would come to their senses. That was seven years ago… and look at us.

God told Abraham that the iniquity of the Canaanites was not yet full: He would cast them out, once it was full.

God help us–what’s this country going to look like when her iniquity is full? I don’t like the previews Biden’s showing us!

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  1. Yes, I have been pondering this for some time. In the books of all the prophets we see the way God deals with all people who become so steeped in sin. He dealt with Jews as well as Gentiles in the same way. When their cup of iniquiity became full…judgement and severe correction. He is still the same today.

  2. HE never forgets a thing. He sees every act, hears every thought, feeling and understands every imagination of the human heart and mind.

  3. On several occasions, you have written about the Indus Valley civilization, which essentially disappeared, with their material assets left behind, but no historical record, whatsoever. It’s as if they were erased as a people.

    There were civilizations in the Americas, before the “Native Americans”. Especially in Central America, there was a large population, and ziggurats in abundance. Once again, the evidence of their presence is abundant, but there are no written historical records, so we have zero knowledge of individuals. It does appear that human sacrifice was part of their culture.

    The Bible is mostly a record of God’s dealings with the line of the messiah. This centers the Bible on the events involving Israel, either directly, or indirectly. So there’s no biblical record of what was happening in the Far East, or the Americas, because the events in those places had no effect on the establishment of the line of the messiah. But that doesn’t mean that God wasn’t aware of what was happening in those places, and doesn’t preclude God from “pulling the plug”, once a civilization became totally corrupt. It was said that the acts in Canaan basically made it so that the land vomited them out.

    We are created, and our conscience is part of this. We have an innate sense of right and wrong, and it may be that at a certain point of iniquity, people just lose interest and turn away from their course. It may be happening, right now, with drastic declines in birth rates, in many places. Time will tell.

    1. Actually, since we’ve learned to decipher their writing systems, the Mayas and Aztecs left abundant historical records. Maya and Nahuatl (Aztec) are living languages.

      The Aztec Empire fell because Cortez conquered it–with help from just about everybody else in Mexico: the empire was that unpopular. And it seems the Maya wrecked their civilization by means of constant warfare and wasteful agricultural practices.

      But the Indus Valley civilization… no one knows what happened there.

  4. I miss Rush so much. What a blast he could have had ridiculing Biden! God is Justice, and Isaiah tells us that when God’s justice is in the earth the people of the world learn righteousness. Right now, it is getting darker before it gets it better – that is the perseverance of the saints.

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