Mangling Shakespeare… and Erasing Women

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The Globe Theater… where they re-write Shakespeare

Wow! Feminists are just beginning to figure out something that several observers, including me, told them months ago–

This whole Transgender business is a drive to erase women.

It’s finally sinking in. One of the catalysts was provided by the woke morons now working at the Globe Theater (!)–Shakespeare’s theater–rewriting Shakespeare’s plays to make them appealing to drooling woke idiots (

The trigger: they’re “re-imagining” St. Joan of Arc as “non-binary”–that is, not a woman–and larding her speech with special woke pronouns (using “them” and “they” to indicate single individuals instead of groups, because this way it’s cooler).

Feminists are irate. Joan of Arc, they say, is a “female cultural icon.” They must’ve missed the new Supreme Court justice saying she–oops! “They!”–doesn’t know what a woman is. Maybe someone should organize a scientific expedition in search of women. Real women, that is… not “men with vaginas.”

Toldja so!

What kind of dindle wants to sit in the ancient Globe Theater to hear Shakespeare plays reduced to modern drivel?

Can we say “someone who deserves it”?

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  1. If you think what’s being done to Shakespeare is terrible, you should see what’s been done to opera in the past 20 years — it’s even worse. But at least they’ve left the music alone, so if you can get a recording and keep your eyes closed, you can still get some good singing. It’s just the staging that’s gone nuts.

  2. This article was depressing to read. I don’t know how Shakespeare would feel about this sort of play. Perhaps he did take artistic license with history. I believe that statement is just an excuse behind the reasoning to corrupt the saint’s history. St. Joan of Arc was an important figure in my growing up years. I went to the parochial school that was attached to the Catholic church named in her honor. We celebrated her feast day on May 30 of every year that I attended. Yes, it was unusual for a woman to do as she did but she believed that God sent her on this mission. In all the reading that I’ve done on Joan I’ve never heard of her denying that she was a true woman or was wanting to be a man.

    1. Nor was she the only woman in the Middle Ages to put on armor and lead an army. Margaret of Anjou had to do it; her husband, Henry VI, was useless. Dona Ximena, wife of El Cid, took charge of the defense of his castle while he was away.

      So what we are seeing here is deep perversion, hatred of God, and rejection of reality.

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