Idiot ‘Journalist’ Goes Overboard for Biden

Visiting the Pantheon in Rome: Highlights, Tips & Tours ...

Can you really sleaze and lie and cheat your way into the Pantheon?

CNN is under new management, but CNN’s noozies are still serving up the same old crapola.

To celebrate the Democrats’ latest plan for America to spend her way out of inflation and debt (getting out of debt by incurring more debt), one of the brain trust at CNN placed SloJo Biden–who shakes hands with people who aren’t there–“in the pantheon of great presidents” (

Boy howdy! The pantheon?

The name means “all the gods.” The Pantheon was a temple in ancient Rome built to all the gods. It’s still in use, as a church, some 2,000 years after its construction.

So, this Ryan Lizza character (never heard of him) thinks Biden belongs in a pantheon. Him and them other gods. “Attention! Your president… has become a god! But don’t worry. He remains the same likeable old grifter that he’s always been, with not a single honest bone in his body.”

And then the noozies wonder in astonishment why people think they’re a lot of lying gasbags with no more sense than God gave an ashtray.

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