Scientists Say We’re Thinking Too Hard

Dem win is built on sand

Nope, no brain over-use here!

French scientists say too much hard thinking causes a toxic substance to build up in your brain and make it stop working (

Yeah, okay… But what if you never started?

We are concerned about mental burnout, so we looked for it in some of our key institutions.

Do we find brains being overused in… Congress? In Hollywood? In our schools and universities? In our nooze media?

When it comes to over-use of the brain, it seems we have virtually nothing to worry about. Maybe a few chess masters somewhere are overdoing it. Everywhere else it’s “Shut up and pay, shut up and obey.”

Come on, now–would we still have Nancy Pelosi if we were using our brains at all?

5 comments on “Scientists Say We’re Thinking Too Hard

  1. If we used our brains efficiently, very few of the present members of Congress who have been there for more than two terms would still be there.

  2. The complexity of our modern world strikes me as damaging. I know that I have virtually no respite from technical demands. Many people in the tech industries are said to adopt low-tech lifestyles, once they leave the industry.

  3. What a load of hogwash. Very, very few people are using their brains beyond the neurons firing to keep them alive. Just like a muscle, the more the brain is used the more it can be used. But if someone is worried about using their brains too much, well, they’re in luck. Most things nowadays can be done with a minimal amount of thinking, or none at all; including voting, eating, and parroting lies.

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