‘Libs March “To Confront White Supremacy”‘ (2017)

Confederate memorials removal campaign resonates in Belgium - Washington  Times

Keep the idiots stirred up.

Here’s another thick slab of mythology cooked up by Far Left Crazy to keep its useful idiots useful: “white supremacy.”

Libs March ‘to Confront White Supremacy’

How many of us have ever even met a “white supremacist”? Most of them exist only in the fevered imagination of otherwise brain-dead “progressives.” If there are any, it’s a dozen hicks with a pickup truck. Not really enough to go around!

We can thank the Democrat Party for brewing up racial paranoia and hatred because it’s in their Divide & Rule playbook. “Everybody now! We hate white people! Everything that’s bad in your life is their fault!” And so on. It sickens me to repeat it.

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  1. Well, they are hard up for something to scream about. If only they knew how sick and ridiculous they look. If someone came here from another planet and viewed our population, how people are promoted, etc. they would believe the majority of our population was anything but white.

    1. I have to keep telling myself this is ALL crapola dumped on us by white liberals who hate our country and want to ruin it. They are the ideological heirs of Charles Manson.

  2. There are a very small handful of people that have strong views of white supremacy, but this has become quite rare. Scanning my memory, I can’t think of anyone I know that promotes such views. I’ve met a handful of people that talked that way, but most of those people are long dead, and their views were obsolete, even when I was a child.

    Occasionally, I recall meeting people from the Deep South that had somewhat retrogressive attitudes, but I can’t say that these people came across as militant, and I can’t recall even so much as hearing anything like that in the last 40 years. Having spent my childhood in a northern tier state, such attitudes did not win friends, and tended to be confined to people that were on the lower rungs of society. When my family moved to Colorado, there were, if anything, even fewer people with such attitudes.

  3. I’m offended — I mean triggered — by these stereotypes of pickup trucks. Some of my best friends have had pickup trucks. Not one was a white supremacist, let alone a hick. 😛 Humpphhhh.

    1. Yeah, I drive a pickup truck, and I live in the country, but I’m not a white supremacist, and I’m not even 100% white.

      Now I’m triggered! 🙂

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