‘Libs March “To Confront White Supremacy”‘ (2017)

Confederate memorials removal campaign resonates in Belgium - Washington  Times

Keep the idiots stirred up.

Here’s another thick slab of mythology cooked up by Far Left Crazy to keep its useful idiots useful: “white supremacy.”

Libs March ‘to Confront White Supremacy’

How many of us have ever even met a “white supremacist”? Most of them exist only in the fevered imagination of otherwise brain-dead “progressives.” If there are any, it’s a dozen hicks with a pickup truck. Not really enough to go around!

We can thank the Democrat Party for brewing up racial paranoia and hatred because it’s in their Divide & Rule playbook. “Everybody now! We hate white people! Everything that’s bad in your life is their fault!” And so on. It sickens me to repeat it.

Holy Moly! ‘Question the Value of College’?

15 Worst College Majors for a Lucrative Career | Kiplinger

A USA Today/Public Agenda poll finds that many Americans consider four years at a public college to be an iffy investment. True, two-thirds think college pays off in the long run; but 46% have their doubts (https://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2022/07/11/americans-value-education-government-pay/7820194001/).

A lot of those doubts vanish if government–us, actually: government has no money of its own, only what it can squeeze out of the taxpayers–will pay their college bills.

What? Sheeeesh! Don’t you know that “education” is the only means by which Far Left Crazy can reproduce? They abort as many babies as they can, and “transition” children into a phony “gender” that makes them sterile–so really, they have to rely on normal people to produce the children; and then they use “education” to turn children into Equity robots.

So you’ve gotta keep sending ’em to college! Got to! You don’t want the Democrat Party to shrivel up and die, do you? Like, sure, yeah, it’s great for people to be gay, it’d be great if everybody was gay! But until we master the art of loading our minds into perpetually healthy and youthful bodies, new recruits must come from somewhere. If your unionized teachers are going to groom the kiddies for sex, you have to have some kiddies in the classroom.

And that is the value of college! It produces, every year, a new batch of useful idiots. Who cares if they major in Superhero Studies and can’t get jobs? Who cares if they can’t pay back their student loans? Bidenistas don’t even want them to pay off the loans: keep ’em in debt forever, it’s easier to control them that way.

It’s alarming that one-third of everybody already thinks college is a crappy investment. What’ll it be tomorrow–one half? The whole Woke enterprise is founded on our public education system! That’s why everyone must go to college!

And please don’t worry about paying off that debt, ever. We are Democrats and we love debt! Especially when it’s someone else’s curse to pay for it.

We Has Awl Gots to Has A Bortion!!!!

Apple Introduced 'Pregnant Man' Emoji to be Trans Inclusive, But Some Users  are Angry

Hear “at” Collidge we has awl gots to go Out “and” Demminstrait for bortions,, butt frist we hadded a lexture!! so thatt we whil Know “waht” we “are” tawlking abuot!!!!

So we heerded awl abuot a heero naimed Rovy Waid, he maid a bortion leegle!!!!! He toled the Soupreem Cort waht to do and thay “done” It!!!!! Ownly nhow the Soupreem Cort thay has broke the Law!!!!! Thay woont Let Preganint Peeple has bortions!!!!!!

So we the Stoodint Soviet we has deesided “that” “fromb” nhow On evry boddy thay has got to has a bortion! weather thay Whant “it” Or Not!!!! Becose Bortions thay whil Saive The Plannit!!!!!!!!!!

We “are” awl goingto has a Bortion!!! Evry stoodint heer “At” Collidge have got “to” get pregganint and has a Bortion!!!! Baybys thay are No Good annyhaow!!!! Whoo kneads themb?? Beeing pregganint it is jist “a” dizzeeze!!! Like meezles! Or hooping cauff!! And annywhay yiu “Are Not” a purson unlest And Untill yiu voat foar Jobydin!!!!! Thats’ waht we lurnt “in” our lexture, It was Grate!!!!

And of coarse this here it “is” awl Donold Trumpt’s fawlt!!!!!! But we can ficks it iff evry boddy thay Has a Bortion!!!

Well I gotto go And demminstrait nhow!!!!!!


‘The March for Bullsh–er, Science’ (2017)

March for Science: Rallies worldwide to protest against political  interference - BBC News

How many Useful Idiots can a civilization carry before it collapses?

Now that King COVID has pretty much worn out his welcome, libs ‘n’ progs are reviving Climbit Chainge as the universal boogieman–and the latest thing that only a global government, run by themselves, can save us from.

But in those balmy days five years ago, it was all about making an idol of Science.

‘The March for Bullsh–er, Science’

Oops, wait a minute. It’s still about that, isn’t it?

I’m not even sure what “science” means anymore. When Democrats use it, watch out for your money and keep an even closer eye on your liberty. They mean to take both.

‘America Without Us’ (2016)

31,884 Small Town America Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images -  iStock

It is said that small-town America is amazingly resilient. God knows it has to be.

We put the “US” in the “USA”!

America Without Us

Without us–without our neighborhood stores and small businesses, our churches, our families, our willingness to get up each day and go to work–how long would this country last? How long would it take Far Left Crazy and their brainless Useful Idiots to turn America into a desolation?

Pray we never find out!

Gee, We Don’t Like BLM Anymore

Even with large crowds and extreme heat, a peaceful 9th day of George Floyd  protests in DC | WTOP

Net approval for [Only] Black Lives Matter has decreased 92% during the past year and bottomed out–maybe–at 2% (https://www.westernjournal.com/blm-approval-craters-just-2-dropped-whopping-92-since-2020-peak/).

The findings are from a survey by “Civiqs” which asked, “Do you support or oppose the BLM movement?”

So after a year of rioting, crime, lies, and hypocrisy–the Marxists who founded this group are living very high on the hog–BLM has forfeited just about all the good will generated by the name, “Black Lives Matter”: like if you oppose them in any way, you must believe black lives don’t matter. No virtue-signaling, college-trained, useful idiot white liberal would ever risk that.

By and large, the survey found that Democrats–of course–are still in love with the rioters of BLM. The loss of support comes mostly from Independents.

Damn! And our Free & Independent Nooze Media tried so hard to keep ’em popular!

Is it time for the Left to switch back over to Climbit Chainge?

Now It’s ‘Racist’ Birds

Tricky Bird Identification Tips | Celebrate Urban Birds

Do they know they’re racists?

So some Far Left Crazy doofus who writes field guides wants a whole bunch of birds’ names to be changed… because they’re “racist” (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/06/leftist-loons-now-targeting-racist-bird-names/).

Honk if you really, truly, deeply care if some bird you just saw at the birdbath is named after some bird-watcher in the 19th century that you never heard of but who had 19th century ideas ANDTHATSJUSTSOBADOMGIMHYPERVENTILATING–!

This donk wants all birds’ names changed if they were named by or for “racists.” ‘Cause just because you lived 150 years before Woke was even thought of, that’s no excuse for not being Woke.

What do you want to bet he’d have no trouble at all naming some finch after Mao Tse-tung, the most prolific mass murderer of all time?

Really, it’s time this was all stopped cold.

Eet Bugs ‘To’ Saive The Planit!!!

PacSci Podcast: Eating Bugs! Yum!

We hased “a” spacial Lexture tooday fromb somb laydy fromb The U-N. whoo toled us “we shood” awt to Eet Bugs to Saive The Plannit!!!!! I was a Litle Nurvus “at” frist becose i amb “the ownly” One Heer whoo has Moth Antenners groing “out” Of my hedd and i was Affrayed somb boddy thay mite try To “taik” a byte Out Of me!!!!! Butt she brung pulenty of Meelwerms and Crikkits and grubbs and Beatles so thare was lotts And “lotts” of Reel buggs for Evry boddy!!!

I whas Un-lukky tho;; I tryed to eet this heer Big Black Beatle and it turnned Out “tobe” A Pintch Bug!! He got me “in” the Lip and boy didd that Hurt!!!!! and layter i hased somb Meelwerms but thay taystid jist Awffle!!! i nevver wood of eeted themb iff It diddnt Saive The Plannit!! (I wunder iff yiu “are” saposed to coock themb furst!)

So i wented Out-Side to warsh my mowth Out in the goaldfish pond and thare i seen that U-N. laydy tawking “on” her sellphoan and lauffin-and-laffin like krazy and i “heered” her too and she was saying Man “yiu shood of seen em eeting Awl “thoase” buggs, what “a” buntch of idjits ha-ha-Ha!!”!”  I wunder watt she ment bye That!!!

Whel no boddy thay evver sayed “it” Whas Eazy To Saive The Plannit and beleave you me this whasnt Eazy!!! Yuk! i can still taiste themb lowzy Meelwerms and i keeep “Thinking” i can feeel themb cralling Arownd In-Side my stummick!!!!

‘Your Tuition Dollars at Work: Ohio State Teaches Atheists Are Smarter than Christians’ (2014)

See the source image

Training tomorrow’s useful idiots

From the “Don’t You Wish!” file:

Remember this? A for-credit quiz given to students at Ohio State “taught” that atheists are more intelligent than Christians. That was the right answer.

Your Tuition Dollars at Work: Ohio State Teaches Atheists are Smarter than Christians

Given that the university is mostly funded by taxes paid by Christians, it seems a bit unfair, to say nothing of ungrateful.

But wait! We must be stupid, to allow this stuff to go on year after year.

The useful idiots are spilling over into real life. That’s what happens when everybody goes to college.images of

Be of Good Courage

There’s too much defeatism out there. Too many Christians carrying on like the battle’s lost already, bad guys win, nothing we can do about it, etc. Like they forgot the nooze media never tells the truth and purposely tries to demoralize us so Democrats will win… and maybe they’re starting to believe the lies, half-truths, exaggerations, and minimizations that we’re all bombarded with all day, every day.

Are we not servants of the living God, Jehovah, who made the heavens and the earth? Is our faithfulness dependent on our worldly success?

“But what do we have to fight with? They’ve got the media, they’ve got the schools, they’ve got Hollywood, they’ve got wealth and power and are unrestrained by any moral considerations–”

We have resources, though.

*Our brains–surely we are equal to the task of coming up with difficulties that will confuse and exasperate the enemy, even as he confuses and exasperates us. They’re supposed to be The Smartest People In The World–and look at them. If we can’t outsmart a mob of useful idiots with degrees in Gender Studies, we deserve to be conquered.

*The truth–we have the truth and they don’t. We should lose no opportunity to proclaim it. Yes, they’ve paralyzed the world with some shallowly convincing lies–think “man-made climate change” and “systemic racism”–and they have the pulpits and megaphones with which to preach them every day. But if they were so sure of their hold on everybody’s minds, would they still be fighting so hard to establish it? Put truth up against their lies and see who wins.

*We have recourse to prayer, and they don’t. What–are they going to get on their knees and pray “O God, help us to promote abortion?” Or any other one of a myriad of evils they embrace. God hears the prayers of His people, but the prayers of the wicked are an abomination to Him.

Here is where we are tested, here and now, where the rubber meets the road. Are we servants of God, or just hangers-on? Do we trust in God or don’t we?

These are the days of Elijah.

Pray harder, sing louder, and proclaim the truth. Christ already has the victory, and we are His people. Ooh-rah!