Who Steals a Beat-Up Garbage Can?

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We put our garbage cans out on the curb on Sunday evening and they pick it up on Monday morning. By “pick it up” I mean they pick up the garbage and leave the can.

Only not this time.

I just went out to fetch our garbage cans, and one of them is missing. I looked up and down the street; it’s not there. So I had to call Public Works, and we’ll just see if they ever get back to me.

Where the dickens did it go? No one in his right mind would steal it. Did they just chuck it into the garbage truck and drive away? Really, I don’t need extra chores to do. I’d rather not lose another hour going out to buy another garbage can.

Is this the legacy of our stupid lockdowns? Did that go on long enough for people to forget how to do their jobs?

Oh… fap!

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  1. Maybe a wandering [in the mind] artist saw it and thought it would make a wonderful “found art” exhibit in his next show, alongside the rusted drainpipe and the cracked toilet seat.

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