Superfluous Superheroes

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You ask why I have two garbage cans? Actually, I need more! Where else can I put all these superfluous superheroes?

Warner Bros. and DC Comics want to crank out another zillion superhero movies, but the first one, Batgirl, went so totally belly-up, they didn’t dare release it. They’ve got this “Extended Universe” thing ( which I’m guessing is another flood of stupid superhero dreck aimed at dumbing down the audience even worse than it is already.

All right, I grew up with comic books featuring Superman and Batman et al–but eventually real books took their place. We do not need a different superhero popping out of every port-a-potty.

Apparently the market is getting overloaded with them and Warner Bros. are getting nervous about maybe losing their shirts. How much of this can the public stand? Looks like we might soon find out!

There are already too many superheroes.

If only people could remember–or learn!–how to read.

5 comments on “Superfluous Superheroes

  1. I’ve never understood the extreme fascination with these comic book characters. The fact that there are comic superheroes, I can live with, although they don’t interest me in the slightest, but I cannot, for the life of me, understand why adults want to live in that fantasy, all the time.

    Entertainment is a good thing, and fantasy is fine, so long as everyone remembers that it’s fantasy. I love the characters in the Bell Mountain series, but they are not real. On a daily basis, I see adults wearing t-shirts with superhero logos. Why?! I’ve seen a couple of superhero movies, only because of social expediency, and I could see some degree of merit, but I took it no more seriously than I would a fairy tale for children.

    Hopefully these have had their day and maybe we’ll see some real movies.

    1. I mean, I’m not holding out for tedious mainstream movies about people with really stupid problems–I like a monster, a good swordfight, maybe a prat fall or two. But enough with the goofy costumes already!

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