Previews of Coming Attractions

Previews of Coming Attractions - YouTube

I’ve got to find some way to increase viewership here! Today’s a lost cause, but what about tomorrow?

Ooh-ooh! I know! Previews of coming attractions. That’ll work! What’ve we got for tomorrow, chumley?

**New TV ad from the New Jersey teachers’ union. Make sure you’re sitting down.

(And really, that’s about it… except for some other little projects I hope to bring to life.)

*Exclusive interview with some guy who knows somebody whose uncle raises lantern flies.

**To a writer, maybe the most irritating TV episode ever (not kidding!)

*Much better cat video than what I came up with today.

I shall return later to respond to your comments, if there are any (trying to sound like Alfred Hitchcock).


3 comments on “Previews of Coming Attractions

  1. I know, and I’m sorry, but I got up this morning feeling about the worst so far. I did the absolutely necessary tasks, and had to lie down in between. I couldn’t make it to the post office and store with my son, just felt so rotten, and gradually, by the time of 5:00 pm, slowly getting slightly stronger, but not much. Hope tomorrow will be a lot better on alll fronts.

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