A ‘Conservative’ Prat Fall

how many countries is the Bible banned in: a look at persecution

Problem: School library’s full of dirty books.

Obvious solution: Get rid of the dirty books.

That was the decision that recently faced the school board in the Keller (Texas) Independent School District. There was a big flap over it last year, three conservatives got elected to the board, they adopted a new policy for reviewing school library books, and the board voted 7-0 to remove the bad books from the shelves.

Including… the Bible (https://www.fox4news.com/news/keller-isd-to-remove-controversial-books-including-the-bible-from-library-shelves-for-review).

To get rid of “Gender Queer,” among others, they also banned the Bible, thinking to pre-empt bellyaching by liberals, and somehow appease them. “Conservatives” always try to do that. No such luck! All they succeeded in doing was suggesting that the Bible, God’s word, the founding document of our civilization–and the Truth!–is in some way equal to sodomite “how to do it” tracts.

There was the usual complaining about an “extremist Christian nationalist school board.” Uh, yeah… Christian nationalists who ban the Bible. But straw men are like cartoon characters: they can walk on the ceiling if you want them to. Oh–and “students’ First Amendment rights,” too. We all know by now what these people think of free speech.

No library anywhere is big enough to contain all books. Some will always be left out. It’s not that they’re stopping you from reading them. They just had to make choices of what to have on their shelves and what to leave off.

“Gender Queer” seems like a pretty good thing to leave off the shelves, don’t you think?

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  1. But without the Bible, on what grounds can other books be banned, other than “I don’t like them”? We need more defense of the good and true, not just a fight against the evil and false. In fact, without defining and defending the good and true, we have no standard left by which to call anything evil or false.

    1. That’s right. They banned the standard by which those books were judged. So now, what standard are they going to use to determine good or bad, right or wrong, moral or immoral?

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  3. Yes, now I guess I am Anonymous, which means I can really let it rip when it comes to the Dems and the Left 🙂

  4. It isn’t mentioned in the article, but as I understand it, the Bible was pulled for review, because someone filed a complaint. Once a complaint is filed against any book, it is removed immediately. Once the review is complete, the decision will be made on whether or not to return it the library.

    Basically, it sounds like someone decided to use the review process to try and get rid of the Bible in schools, in retaliation for the grooming books being removed. What I’m wondering now is, if they do the review and return the Bible to the libraries, would people be allowed to keep complaining about the same book, over and over, or will that decision be final?

    1. I don’t know whether what you heard is right or not. It’s my experience that all it takes is one atheist, just one, to shut down a whole town’s Christmas parade, etc. Officials ALWAYS cave in to Far Left Crazy. That’s what has damaged our countries so badly.

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