Yes, I’m Still Working On It

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The colossal mess that this blog turned into during the week has almost been cleaned up. Approved comments still un-approve themselves, again and again, until finally that stops. A regular reader, Thewhiterabbit, is still being called “anonymous” or “somebody.” Honest, Dave, I’m trying to get your name back.

Stay tuned! Tomorrow is a big day for Violet Crepuscular: Chapter 500 of Oy, Rodney! I mean, if the thing is still working tomorrow…

I was going to say we’ve solved the bottomed-out viewership problem, but you know what happens if you ever say a thing like that. General Custer’s last reported words: “We’ve got ’em now, boys!”


3 comments on “Yes, I’m Still Working On It

  1. Violet’s 500th? Oh boy, we’re going to need an extra-special toothpaste cake for the occasion. 🙂

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