Computer Hell, Day 4

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The chaotic hopeless mess this blog is turning into is now, after four days of trying to fix it, a bigger disaster than ever.

Comments un-approve themselves over and over again, no matter how many times I approve them.

Comments float around on my stats page but do not appear on the posts to which they ought to be attached.

Regular users are blocked, or can’t see their comments anywhere (let alone replies to their comments).

And most of what I get from the WordPress engineers is a lot of tech-talk, not a word of which I understand, they might as well be speaking Martian, and a lot of we-can’t-do-that talk.

No, I don’t know why your comments don’t appear!

I work to fix this mess every day and get freakin’ nowhere. Is this how our peaceful, harmless little blog community comes crashing to an end?

Oh,fap! Heaven know where this post will wind up.

9 comments on “Computer Hell, Day 4

  1. I would imagine that this is affecting more than just your blog, so don’t give up hope.

    Yesterday, the Network Policy Server I manage as part of my job decided to quit … well … serving. No reason that I’m aware of, and in fact I probably hadn’t logged onto it in several months. It usually just does it’s meager work, but it contributed to a day of living hell I was experiencing with some firewalls, which were misbehaving. I went home and crashed like a load of wet mud, dropped onto a sidewalk. This tech world will be the death of us.

  2. What a disaster. I am no computer whiz, but a few years ago, I could do a lot with the little Mac I had at the time, but now, everything that could go wrong is doing so.

    1. Over the last few years, the complexity has gone off scale, and there are so many bug fixes and security related updates that things are never very stable.

    2. Hey, I just had a great idea! Let’s make our nuclear missiles dependent on–ta-dah!–Artificial Intelligence! Computers! Robots! It’ll b e so Scientific!

  3. There is obviously some serious problems involving AAA for this site. WordPress is the SAAS provider here and needs to step up to the plate and fix this problem for their customer. Over that last several years, I, as a user, have experienced a series of problems with authentication and/or notifications. Currently, the notification emails I am getting are a mishmash of HTML with links, and certainly difficult for the average person to decipher.

    Working interactively with a customer/end-user is all good and well, but these errors are not user-generated, they are systemic. If WordPress lacks the technical skill to repair problems within their own system, then they need to obtain assistance, but this is not the responsibility of the customer. You are a SAAS provider and need to get your act together.

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