Cat Explores Treadmill

Does your cat have a treadmill? No? Go get one–and watch how it stimulates his curiosity.

Amazing true fact: In the early 19th century the treadmill was an instrument of punishment, found in prisons. It would not occur to anyone to bring one home.

9 comments on “Cat Explores Treadmill

  1. That was fun to watch.

    Cats learn. They observe, and then make changes in their behavior, after observing something that works to their advantage. You could see how this cat learned, little by little, until it had derived how to deal with this curiosity. But deal it did.

  2. Ive had cats that tried just about everything they had access to, but I don’t remember any of them doing this.

  3. Wow! Wow, I just saw a reply get posted– first time today. Hurray and thanks Lee for your diligence.

    1. I agree. He is a beautiful animal, and he seems very aware. You can see the intelligence, on his face.

    2. I have a friend who had a terrible series of experiences, at the hands of corrupt clergy. What kept his faith in God alive, believe it or not, was cats. He has said, many times, that the behavior of cats is unexplainable without God.

      What we are really seeing here is the work of our Creator. When we see something beautiful, something intelligent, or the amazing intricacies of creation, we are seeing facets of our Creator’s work. The cat didn’t decide to be beautiful and intelligent, but God made him that way, or more precisely, God created the “kind” from which house cats developed, and even in the fallen state of creation, those wondrous attributes emplaced by the Creator come through, occasionally expressed so profoundly that we take special note.

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