No, Please! Not That! Not That!

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Oh, heaven help us! She comes back more times than the freakin’ Mummy.

I don’t want to believe this, but apparently it’s true: Apple TV is going to air a Hillary Clinton TV series called “Gutsy” ( As an added inducement viewers will get Chelsea, too–the whole Clinton brain trust. Mother and daughter will interview women from the Far Left fringe and try to make them sound sane.

Would you watch this? What if it was the only way to save your life? (“I’m thinking, I’m thinking!” as Jack Benny used to say.) What if you had to watch it or else a swarm of mosquitoes would drink your blood dry? What if the only alternative was to watch that TV movie about Barack and Michelle Obama going on a date? (Really, I had no idea I could be that diabolical.)

Go ahead, Democrats. I dare you to run her for president again. I triple-dog dare you!

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  1. It truly is mind boggling to see how she keeps going. With her background, she should have been gone years ago.

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