Lawsuit Challenges Anti-White Teachers’ Contract

Scenes from the frontlines of the Minneapolis teachers ...

“The Heart of the Community”… God forbid

Well, that didn’t take long, did it? Minneapolis signs a flagrantly racist teachers’ contract–white teachers fired first, re-hired last, “Educators of Color” get all the breaks–and now it’s going to court (

Why did the school board sign that contract? Because the “teachers” went on strike and wouldn’t come back to work unless the board caved in to their demands. Someday some school district ought to just let the teachers strike and be damned.

Now, if this policy is not boisterously, overtly, in-your-face racist, then what is? If the same thing were done in favor of white teachers, the libs and noozies would be screaming bloody murder and calling for prosecutions. But “Educators Of Color” have to be coddled and protected, don’tcha know.

Why? Well obviously to punish Whitey for things done by other people in the past. And to make white liberals feel righteous. Many people have to pay so that libs can look in a mirror and smirk.

Quick question: Do I still get fired first and re-hired last if I identify as an Educator Of Color? And if they refuse to Affirm my identity, that makes them Haters–right? And I get several million dollars–right? (What? You’ve hard all this before?)

This is probably on its way to the Supreme Court.

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  1. These strikers are the same teachers who refused to teach in their classrooms for two years. So essentially this is the third year of their strike — all at full pay. But at least they’re not in the classroom messing with their students’ minds (and bodies).

    I agree, Lee, that they should be allowed to strike as long as they want, while other people are brought in to teach the students something other than race-hatred and kinky sex. Of course, that will set the unions screaming about scabs, with possible violence along the picket lines. So my suggestion is that instead of hiring other teachers (who may be just as weird and ignorant as the ones on strike), the school janitors and cafeteria staff should take over teaching the classes. They probably know more than the teachers anyway, including what it’s like to work for a living.

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