What the World’s Been Waiting For!

How to spot phishing phone scams | Equifax UK

It’s not nice to cuss out the scammer!

Tired of getting phone-scammed every day by people with thick Indian accents? Yeah, I know–we’re supposed to pretend it does not exist.

But never mind! Artificial Intelligence to the rescue! Now they’ve got a device that can overlay a “white American accent” on the caller’s voice as he’s speaking, and completely conceal the foreign accent (https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2022/aug/23/voice-accent-technology-call-center-white-american).

[I shouldn’t have to say this, but I do know honest, hard-working Indians who are an asset to the community. But it’s just stupid and self-righteous to ignore this aspect of nuisance telemarketing.]

Yeah, this’ll fool everybody. The next time you get a call from “the Health Care Dept.” or “the Medicare Office,” it’ll be disguised by a whitey voiceover that only sometimes sounds like a robot and you’ll happily give the caller your credit card number… And they can scam you a dozen times a day, you’ll never catch on.

And of course the nooze media that report this don’t even mention phone scams and anybody who complains about this species of nuisance call must be a White Supremacist. (At last count, there were 11 genuine White Supremacists in North America.) Boo-hoo! People say nasty things to nuisance callers! You’re all racists out there!

I don’t know about you, but after about the 50th repetition, “This is Jake from Discover” really palls on me. I’d say something nasty if it wasn’t just a stupid robot.


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  1. I,m still trying to get my log in, reply, whatever fixed. now I see they have added both of my sons’ names below mine, so I have to ……..oh, well, never mind

  2. One of the good things about a cell phone is having a call filter that flags incoming calls that may be spam, i.e., callers not in my contacts list. Then I just ignore them, either by letting them ring until they go to voice mail or swiping down to stop the ring and send them direct to voice mail. If it turns out later that they didn’t leave a message, I can go to the call log and report them as spam and block them so they won’t ring again. Landlines are nice but cell phones have some bells and whistles that I’ve really come to appreciate.

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