We Neeed Parsons Of Culler Theem Haouses!!!

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This heer “is” waht It whil Loock lyke wen we get It ficksed Up!!!

We gotta bild moar billdings “heer” At Collidge so we Can has Parsons Of Culler Theem Housses lyke they has “At” Burklee!! (https://campusreform.org/article?id=20028). It “wil” caust a Lot butt that doughnt mater”becose” Pressadint Jobydin he says we hasnt Got “to” Pay Offf our Stoodint lones!!!!!! How grate is that??

Soe far thares ownly One Billding we can use and it hases to be ficksed Up. This heer is waht it looocks lyke nhow!

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We nead “to” Do this so Parsons Of Culler can avoyd Wite peeple!!!!!! No wites cant cumb in To theeze billdings!!!! And aslo fambly Memmbres thay cant cumb In neether!!!! Parsons Of Culler shood Not has no conntack with Wite peple!!!!! Some Hater he caulled this Saygragaysion so sicks of Us beet himb Up!!!!!! We Are Sirius aboat Socile Jutstus!!!!!!!!!!

This it “Is” “the” combing Thing in Yoonavarsity and Collidge lyfe!!!! This it “Is” “the” ownly whay Parsons Of Culler thay “can” Avoyd Wyte Vylints and Presents!!!! Waht thay wood Evver Do with-Out us to Proteck themb I doughnt Know!!!!!

Wen we Are Dun whith This then we wil bild Moar Billdings for Gay Trans stoodints so they Can Avoyd awl peple whoo Are Not themb!!!!!!!

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  1. Eventually every person will have to have an individual house which no one may enter without being exactly like the person in the house. (Please do NOT refer to this as solitary confinement.)

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